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Megan Hodges I love you May 21, 2012
Hi Uncle Ben,

I know Ive said something to everyone already but this is for you..
I remember so many good times weve had together the family and then me and you..
The one thing i loved doing was every time youd go outside of my parents house on the front pourch to catch of breath of air :).. And I always came along with you.. Well i remember one time i finally asked you "am i annoying you by always coming out here with you?" And your responce to that was " haha no never.. we all talk alot we are the hodges family" :) I loved that I always looked forward to you coming over  and sitting on that same porch talking to hyou and laughing at your jokes.. I remember the time that you almost tiped the chair over into my moms garden.. I jumped up to grab you and help.. But you stoped your self and you just looked at me and said haha opps.. I know these things im saying dont make any sence but I just want you to know I loved talking to you even just sitting next to you hearing you talk and make jokes that was enough for me just to make me smile and have a good day. I love you uncle ben and I will see you again and hear all the new jokes that you have come up with.. Tell Grandpa I said hi :)

I love you and miss you always uncle ben
Ron Hodges (Ronnie) Brother April 11, 2012
There was never a more faithful or loving brother than Ben.
 I still have'nt been able to stop the tears yet.
I know they will pass, but your brothers love, never.
My brother and friend
Love Ronnie
Shawn May Uncle Ben March 22, 2012
 Uncle ben you had a gift. Whenever I was around you I felt at home. You always had a smile for me
and I was just as happy to see you when i was six as when i was thirty. You were never too busy to
jump in the dirt and throw us kids around on the tire swing or dig out a blanket and send us in crying
just to hear us come out laughing.  You chaperoned my first date with the mother of my children and
the love of my life. You never changed in my eyes and you never had to. You are one of a kind and
the world is a smaller place without you.
Amos Memories March 21, 2012
Seems like yesterday I was walking the trail to come play with Roxann on the windmaker or at the fort! We would play all day long untill you'd blow in the shell, when we heard that we new it was time to get home. Your home was always my second home for years. I can remember u picking Roxann and I up from Church camp, giving us money to got to Rays electronics, your stack of magazines we was not "suppose"to touch. lol! So many memories all the way to Roxanns graduation to her special day, Her wedding! You had that amazing smile on your face as u walked her down the aisle! You were one proud daddy! As, you should be! You raised 3 amazing strong children! You were one of a kind and untill we meet again, don't have to much fun up there and be sure to save me a spot! I love you!
Beth Leiter Benny protector March 20, 2012
I don't even remember when I first met Ben but he seemed like another older brother to me. More than a few times he would stay to walk me out on nights when I closed the bar so my husband didn't have to. He'd always say, "Tell Terry I'll walk you out, he has to get up earlier than me let him stay home". Terry relly appreciated that. One time I decided I was alway the one who left a party early to take care of my kids & I wanted to stay til the end for once. I chose Karen & Richie's wedding for this venture, we arranged an overnight sitter & took a camper to their house. Hubby went to bed around midnight but I wasn't going down yet! Ben sat by that bon fire keeping me company til 5am! I will always remember the kindness & bear hugs! Love ya Ben!
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